Minimalism in shotcut

this is a very minimalistic program, is it not? there are no drop down, green screen, or panning effects, there are simple cross fade transitions, fade ins, and fade outs, is there something I’m missing? please help, i enjoy that shotcut is free but idk if a YouTuber can grow editing videos with such a minimalistic programs, thank you in advance for the feedback

Yes, you’re missing a lot.
There is chroma key (for green screen purposes) and there are many transitions available.
See the transition Properties tab
See this thread ► Only one transition option now. Why?

There is no key-frames so panning is not yet possible.

If you want something with much more (and a higher learning curve) then try Davinci Resolve. The free version has 90% of the features of the full version.

As a final thought, I would spend more time familiarizing yourself with the program before leveling any criticism. View the video tutorials on this site and look at more on YouTube. You can do a lot with Shotcut.

listen bro, this is the 21st century if u think im going to waste my precious ass time getting familiar with this communist program you’ve been sadly mistaken, and davinci resolve is SOO much better thnk u for the feedback tho!

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…bro.

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