Midnight Dream - with original music

An original composition and video.

How I used Shotcut:
I used static images with the size position and rotate filter to give the appearance of flying over the city, then at the turn around point in the video, I exported what I had so far, reversed the video and sped it up using time remap since the turn around point was about 2/3 of the way through the video.


Very well done. I love that music.

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Very nice composition, Paul! Music is great for dreaming :slight_smile:
I specially love the night shot of London. You could have also used Google Earth Studio for the animated flight. They have a ‘time of day’ option so that you can ‘film’ at night and even see the stars and milkyway.
I mean something like that: World in 3d from the sky


Loved it. Perfect song for this kind of video.

I was thinking the same thing.
I signed up a couple of days ago to try the preliminary version. Still waiting.

We’ll get back to you soon.
In the meantime, check out our documentation.
      -Earth Studio Team

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I really like the original music and the orchestration! Nice strings! Good work. :grinning:

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The moving aerial view turned out great.

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Yes, it can take a few days.
Don’t know why they make that fuss about it - perhaps while its still in beta.
Buts its really a nice tool for arieal animation.

@Elusien , @MusicalBox @jonray @brian,

Thanks for watching and commenting. I appreciate it!

Thanks for that tip about Google Earth Studio. A few times I’ve wanted some drone footage and now it looks like I could make virtual drone footage with Google Earth Studio. Wish I’d known about that before I made my current video. It would have looked so much better. :open_mouth:

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