Middle Ages look // Need inspiration and ideas :)

Hi all !
I can’t start without thanking @shotcut dev(s) for all the work done and for the recents functions added which are tremendous !

I post now because I have a project to be done. Nothing really complicated as it’s muy 6 years old’s son “theater” show. The theme is “Midlle Ages” and I don’t see a “exploded text” (which is really good too // thanks @Elusien ) and all this moderns stuffs for the intro and overlays texts…

What would you advise for that ?
Creating some png on Gimp which has way more typo to choose ?
Color filter settings changed?
Any other ideas ?
Thanks for your help !

PS : I had a doubt if I could post that. But at the end, it made me think at the RawTherapee “PlayRaw”'s topics that aimed at giving users opportunity to confront their vision and explain how they could pull out the best of an image with the software and its functions.
If you think it don’t belong here, no problem to remove it.

For a start you could try experimenting with some overlays to give the film a heavily antique, discoloured and scratched look. Obviously there’s not a shred of authenticity to it for the period, but the look of very old film might help create the atmosphere you are looking for. There’s some good free examples on the pages linked below, Also searching for some free fonts that look the part - hand written script, illuminated text etc would be useful. Once installed it’s up to you whether to use PNGs done in a gfx editor or use them directly in shotcut.


free medieval style fonts:


Elusien’ s reverse-exploded effect could be used to “build” a title screen with an image of a castle wall.

A image/video of a scroll could be used for credits.

Using keyframes, you could size/position an alpha’d image of a trumpet-blower onto the screen.

Perhaps you could get a still photo of some of the props, for instance, if the show is based around a castle, get a picture of the castle, or the door, and overlay some title text on top of that.

In “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” I believe they cut away to a full-color screen whenever they want to display text, perhaps a nod to silent films, or the pay-attention-to-me-while-they-change-the-scenery narrator of live theater.

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I would also add a vignette and make the video either sepia or monochrome and about 20% faster.
Gives that old look to video and the 20% increase is similar to the old film stock that ran at between 16 and 19 fps and when played back at 25 or 30 fps, if not compensated for, everyone looked like they were going about their business like demented chipmunks.

Add some grain, flickering effects and some telephone sounding audio (if you have) plus some old fashioned fonts for the text and you will have a pretty “ancient” looking video.

Of course technically incorrect but hey, no video around at that time. :grinning: