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I just realize there is a paid version …

How much money microsoft keeps and how much is sent to Meltytech, LLC

It is a good idea to monetize the project … keep the good job Dan and team !

This is what Dan had to say about it:

Yes, that is provided by the main developers operating under the registered business name Meltytech. It is even linked from our download page as an alternative with benefits. As for how much Microsoft gets, it depends:

Also, the our governments get a significant portion through taxes.


Hmmm - I’m not impressed. I downloaded it last week, and used it briefly, not sure in the short time if it’s doing what I need.

Started it up again now - and MICROSOFT wants me to pay for a FREE app. Only 5 days!!!

I’m very hesitant to download from another “FREE” site - as I’m not sure if it’ll overwrite the program and the attempted project I was going to work on today.

To make matters worse - I can’t even find where Microsoft hid the ShotCut program.

No, that is me doing that. It is offered as a free trial to let you try it out and see if it works for you before buying. If you do not want to financially support our development you can uninstall it using Windows System settings > Add or remove programs, or right-click the app icon and choose Uninstall. Then, download the free version from our official site at Shotcut - Download.

There is nothing deceptive about this free trial; it very clear. On the web:

The store image looks a little different, but it still clearly lists a price. Also, my description (in More) is clear:

By purchasing Shotcut through the Microsoft Store you support the developers and get automatic updates. Shotcut is updated nearly every month with fixes and new features! A one week free trial is also available through the store so you test it to make sure it works on your computer and for how you like to work before you decide to pay.

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Hi - I thought it would have been more than 5 days. I had a terrible week last week - and didn’t get back to trying SHOTCUT till just now. And Microsoft cut me off. Dead. I saved my file (fortunately) and got the “PAY US”.

U downloaded from your site - and donated the amount MICROSOFT was asking ($14.95AUD). Last thing I wanted was to fill MICRO$OFT’s coffers.

Now I’ve got a problem with the 2 files I’d created - “file system error -2143322102”. No real worries - I went back and started them again, and they seem to be working OK now. Fortunately I hadn’t anything important in them.

There were 2 versions of SHOTCUT Shortcut sitting in my list of programs and one of them still comes up with the “PAY US” - I assume that’s the one MICROSOFT had installed. The other seems to be working OK. I’ll just have to remember which to use. I’m not sure if there are 2 actual programs on my computer?

Going into Add/Remove Programs - I’m now seeing:

Not sure if that image works - there are 2 SHOTCUT entries - one says SHOTCUT Meltytech 350mb - but 1st February. The other just says SHOTCUT and 8th February - and no mb.

Should I uninstall both - and start again from scratch?? Microsoft sometimes does odd things in the background, and I’m not sure?



The one that says “Meltytech” under it is the one from the app store.

The apps from the store are more contained and isolated from the system and other apps, which is why it appears hidden to you. FYI, if you want to know where it really is or determine which is which you can run it, and in the Shotcut menu, choose View > Application Log, and look for the line near the top that says something like
[Info ] <Application::Application> install dir = "C:/Program Files/WindowsApps/63764Meltytech.Shotcut_21.1.29.0_x64__n3ep7ff047466"

Hi Thanks - got rid of it just using UNINSTALL, and it seems to be working fine. Now for a learning curve :slight_smile: .

cheers, Alan

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