Metadata in video

Because metadata are not yet available in shotcut.
I made this doccument to easily include this in one video.
This document is in french sorry, but you can translate it in your langage.It can be edited with LibreOffoce the .odt document is embeded.
I hope this will be usefuf for you.

Folow this link …

I’m afraid you linked the PDF and not the ODT file. I’m interested in doing this, alas no French speaking skills.

It is not very clear what this thread is about exactly since the original post has a poor description and the PDF is in French, but see this possibly related.

The OP was trying to explain how to insert “Chapters” into the video metadata to be used by those video players that support them.

You can get the English translation by copying text from the PDF and pasting it into Google Translate. This gives the following for the introduction:

We can with VLC insert bookmarks on a video but we do not have the possibility
to record these for possible projection during subsequent viewing.
Totem since version 16.04 of “Ubuntu” no longer has the ability to read chapters
Until now, NLE applications do not allow the insertion of chapters on videos,
(except ffDiaporama), I looked for a way to do it with ffmpeg (avconv) and also with a
“preset for Winff.”
Which give.


If you want to translate thi fileyou can do this.
The file .odt is enbeded in the pdf file. You can open this PDF file with libreoffice Writer.

I opened the file in LibreOffice Writer and it displayed it fine, but there is no menu item in LibreOffice for “translate document to English”. There is an extension that can be installed in Writer called TradutorLibreText, which scores only 1 star and which most users complain about. There is a newer version called “pagetranslate” that is based on this, but which I am loathe to install as the project page warns;

  • The plugin is also likely to crash (won’t affect Writer) when encountering complex documents (embedded drawings, Calc sheets, OLE elements, etc). It’s only been tested with flow text and text tables.

It basically makes many calls to “Google Translate”, but since I have done that myself on the PDF text it sort of defeats the object.