Message "failed" (exportation)

I’m using version 23.12.15.
I recovered all the videos taken with my mobile phone (OPPO A74). I edited the video and the export gave me the message “failed”.
Here are the settings I chose:

  • export youtube
  • MP4 format
  • resolution 1280x720 (HD)
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 25 frames per second
  • color range: limited broadcast (MPEG)
  • progressive scan mode
  • frame order: none
  • deinterlacing: BWDIF (the best)
  • bilinear interpolation (good).
  • Libx264 codec, quality 55%, GOP: 125 frames, B frame: 3, codec process: 0

Then I click on “export file”, I give the name of the output file (compolibat_2024.mp4) and I click on “save”.
I immediately got the message:
C:\Datas\Compolibat_2024.mp4 failed…
It is therefore impossible to obtain the output file. Can you tell me what I should do? Thanking you in advance.

If the error is immediate, then perhaps it is a permissions issue with the output target directory. However, you should be able to upload a log file and someone can take a look, since that might reveal more.

Open shotcut then from the top menu select
view → application log → save.
Call it whatever you like, and then upload it here by clicking the “up arrow” at the top of the reply window.

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Thank you for your feedback. I think it’s a permission issue. Indeed I try the process on my personal computer and it works !!

If you upload the log file then that will reveal more.

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Hello @PoisonedSlice,

How can I upload the log file ? Thanks by advance.

Simply drag & drop the saved log file into the forum reply window.

Or you can click on this icon/symbol:

Yeah, the “up arrow” descriptor doesn’t always get the job done.

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Hello @PoisonedSlice,
Sorry to be late (quite busy). I will follow your proposal as soon as possible. It seems to be a permission issue as I used m’y professional computer. It works on my personale computer.
Thank you for your message.

It’s all good, these issues are on your time so it doesn’t matter when!

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