Message about no space availble when exporting, but there is lots of space


I have used Shotcut for over one and a half years. Recently I reinstalled my computer, which meant I had to download the program again. To my joyful surprise the file size, when exporting in Youtube-format, is now much smaller (so I don’t have to comprimate the files afterwards). There has been a problem though; with a message that pops up constantly about “no space” when there is lots of space, both on the computer or an external disk. See picture. With the last video I exported I wasn’t around before it was finished exporting, and cirka 30 minutes of the video shows only with a still picture. I thought it might have been because I wasn’t around to click on the pop up message …? That wasn’t a problem on the previous version of the program - even with huge files and less space.

What can be the problem here?

Thanks and kind regards,
Ingunn BorrenPop up message

This message has nothing to do with disk space. When exporting, the amount of memory (RAM) that Shotcut uses increases dramatically. In the past we had a lot of queries on the forum saying that the export failed, so Dan modified Shotcut to keep an eye on the amount of memory available as the export progresses and to put out the message you are seeing if it gets dangerously low. If I get this message I close any other applications that are running (such as any web browser(s)) then click “ignore”

Hello Elusien

Thank for your very quick reply! As soon as I had posted it I found a post about it and ckecked the task manager on my pc, I could see the memory level was running very high, so I closed all other applications. I should have ckecked it more properly before writing. Thank you for taking the time!

Kind regards, Ingunn

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Hello again, even though I’ve closed every other application, Shotcut can run from 47 MB to 1850 MB in a minute … That i can’t control and do something about. What can I do then? It pop ups even though I don’t use the computer. Get more RAM … The pc is from 2019.

You must be doing small videos.

Shotcut was using 7000 of my 8000 MB; now that I have 20000 MB, Shotcut sometimes uses about 16000 MB.

Shotcut Exports faster now, having more memory.

(Much of that memory is not used by Shotcut directly; it is file buffers which the OS has reserved for Shotcut’s input and output file requests.)

Hello, thank you for writing.

The videos are between 90-120 minutes. The point was more that I still get the message of “you are running low on awailable memory” several times - how would it be in the case you describe … I use Windows.

I must admit, I don’t understand what you mean. If Shotcut has more memory, what is the problem when I get the message? More RAM?

Kind regards, Ingunn

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How much system (hardware) RAM do you have, total?

What other apps are you running at the same time?

If you have no other apps open (and no browsers open), and you have 16 or 32 GB of RAM, you should not be getting that message.

However, if you only have 4 GB of RAM, and you have the browser open with multiple tabs and have been browsing for hours (all those pages get stored by the browser “in case you want to see them again”), then the message is not surprising.

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The most reliable advice to give is

  1. reboot
  2. do not start any other apps after reboot
  3. start Shotcut
  4. open the project but do not play it
  5. export
  6. wait until export is done before using the computer for anything else

Hello Dan

Thank you for your reply - and thank you for a great free program and forum, I’m grateful for that and for all the work you all do!

Kind regards, Ingunn

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Thank you for taking the time. It looks like I only have 4GB (even though it’s not an old computer), so it makes sense. :wink:

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