Merging two audio tracks in a video

I have a video clip containing two separate audio tracks and I need to merge them into one track so that it can be played properly. When I open the clip in the editor it only shows one track, how can I put the other track in and how can I merge them?

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Press Ctrl+U to add an audio track on the timeline. Drag your second audio track from the playlist to the timeline.
Position as required.

The audio track is not it’s own file, it is embedded into the video and has to be manually selected when I play the clip in VLC.

You can add a video to an audio track if you just want the audio

I think a better question is, how do I differentiate between two audio tracks embedded in the same video?

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You just need to add some audio tracks, add the same clip to one of the new audio tracks, and for that clip choose the audio track using Properties > Audio > Track.

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I see, thank you.

Did you ever get this working?? Im running into the same problem you did and cant find a solution.

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You have to export them ,give them a name and bring them into your playlist. If you wish to enter them into different channels you can do this in the audio filters, but do this before exporting