Merging Tracks

A quick suggestion. Probably mentioned before but I didn’t notice any current comments on it.

It would be so nice to merge tracks down without losing the position of the upper track and filters applied.

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You mean merging video tracks? That would mean rendering/encoding the tracks in my understanding.
Or do you mean merging clips on the same track? That would be really usefull i guess.

I’m sorry @RilosVideos. I should have been clearer. Merging clips :slight_smile:

If you have just cut them (split) you can use “undo” :slight_smile:
If they are seperate clips i dont see a way in SC. Would be nice if you could merge them (temporarily just internal as one object) to ease handling. They would still be 2 objects technically, but for handling reasons could appear as one object on the timeline.

You read my mind @RilosVideos

There’s already an item in the Road map, Groups in timeline. I think this can be done with that.

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@Durga_swaroop_Perla, I think we’re mixing 2 features here:

Grouping: would be temporarily or permanently joining 2 clips (objects) together irregardless of time or track position

Merging down: would allow you to select select a clip on a higher track for example on Video 3 track (which has a nice text filter effect setup) and then merge and apply it to Video 2 track directly below it in the timeline without having to recreate the filter, properties and fading points.

Then we mean probably a third thing:
2 adjecent clips on the same track should become one (permanently or not). It should be handled as one single clip in the timeline. Maybe this can be done by grouping but you should be able to handle it as a single clip with filters and so on.


If you mean combining the upper and lower track to create a third pre-composited video that is then substituted in place of the first two videos to reduce rendering time and preview lag, then that feature is called “bouncing tracks” and is not natively supported.

If you mean copy the filters on the upper track and apply them to the lower track, filter copy-and-paste is already supported on the Filter panel.

3-Video-Layers.mlt (8.3 KB)

Option 1: Grouping clips. Great idea.
Option 2: @Austin see attached. Video Track 3 has a simple fade in/out text filter and if you do a copy and paste it to the Video Track 2 layer below, it moves the fade in and fade out to the front and end of Track 2. Not what I wanted. I want it to keep the fades at the same time. I can fix that sample manually but if i have 4 clips one track with 5 filters in each, it would be a mess to fix.

It’s not critical but just a possible future suggestion. I’m making due with what I’m working with so far. Thanks for all the ideas and tips and corrections tough.