Merging multiple camera shots in music video

Hi all,
I’m new to the forum and just downloaded Shotcut. So far so impressive, and the forum looks friendly and patient with newbies…fingers crossed!
I’m making a music video, and I’ve tried to do this intuitively rather than bother the forum but its apparent I need some guidance. I have 6 camera angles and therefore 6 seperate videos ,for e.g. vocal performance, drums, bass etc, all synching to the song. I want to switch from say the vocalist to the drummer and so on. I have opened 6 tracks, and then I split the clips where I wanted them and dgagged down into the main track. Its tricky as it all needs to sync with the song.
Two questions;

  1. How do I transition from say “drums” to “vocalist” shots? I looked this up in FAQ’s and it seems you drag a split clip a little bit and the software introduces a transition by default. But that doesnt seem to happen, and of course it immediately puts the clip out of sync with the underlying audio song.
  2. Is there a video tutorial out there for this? I’d prefer to do my homework instead of pestering users with their answers. I looked but so far nothing specific to making a music video. I did see one showing how to do a fishing video but not how to transition from one clip into another smoothly.

Cheers in advance


One way (assuming an overlap after 1 minute:

Put the audio on a separate track and don’t manipulate it.
Put the drums on track V1.
Put the vocalist on track V2.
Split the drums and the vocals at 2 minutes.
Split the vocals at the point you next want to show them.
Lift (delete without removing the empty space) the unwanted vocals part.
Put a “Fade out” filter on the vocals clip.
Put a “Fade in” filter on the drums clip.

(you may want to experiment, e.g. split the drums say 2 seconds before the vocals.)

You may also have to move parts of clips above others depending on how you want to do the fades.

Thanks, noted. How do I put a fade Out/In filter on the clip? I assumed right click at the junction but nothing comes up as a choice?

You need to click on the clip, then click on the “Filters” tab/button, then scroll down the list of Video filters and select “Fade-in”/“Fade-out”.

OK thanks will do.

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