Merging cuttings

i know this has been visited, but the responses have been lacking in satisfaction…

i know this is open source… and people are proud of their project. and they should be … yes yes… i am thrilled to be able to have access to this software are my level of affordability.

i am an editor, and i do alot … ALOT of music cuts. joining sections of clips in other software is key in keeping time signatures and such… so i have not 10000 short clips… but 1 block.

this is a natural function in other video/audio editing software that i have used in the past… is there a way to replicate this in shotcut? i dont want no sweaty attitude… i just want answers, because i know im not the only member of the open source community who values this functionality.

perhaps i might suggest a function to fill negative space, instead of joining cuts?

you know what i DID just find out though… which is almost as good.

if you select the first cut… and then the last cut… it selects everything in between. This is nice.

a “nudge” function would be nice… any ideas on how i can rig that?

And a function to say hello?

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nah im not here for the dating sim beta

Here are some previous suggestions:

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wow everyone, thanks for the replies. im sorry i hope i didnt come off as ungrateful… life kinda threw stuff my way and anyway. ya its good to see nudging coming in… i used it alot in an audio editing job i held a while back, and in my own music too. makes a difference when a frame hits in the right moment.

it would be nice to use the keyboard and arrows rather than my optical mouse… im a bit jittery in my age and the micro misteps can be a hindrance. but. i am very surprised by how solid this software is. i mean i dont want that to come off as minimizing what i expected… but its exceeding what i had anticipated. yea.

i have another thing… i’ll skip on over to a more contextually appropriate thread for that… thanks again for the help

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