Merging Clip Not Clickable?


I have a ton of clips from the same source. I have simply removed footage that I no longer need. I am using a green screen and need to apply various filters to this footage. When I go to use the Merge At Next Clip function (by right clicking the first video / clip), the option is greyed out and unclickable. Any ideas how to make that clip clickable please? The objective is to not have to apply filters to every clip.

Thanks in advance.

Shotcut version 22.01.30

Merge only works with clips of the same origin once separated by Split. Any frames that have been removed from that split, Merge will not work.

Basically, Merge with next clip is undoing a split action of the same clip.

Those clips are the same origin (from my iPhone). Or are you saying that clips from the same origin, but from a different video cannot be merged?

How then can I apply filters all at once instead of to every single clip please? I have tried highlighting them all at the same time, but the filters still only go onto one clip.


The same origin meaning the same clip/video.


All 4 sections are from the same video, split into 4 parts.
If I remove B, or B&C, Merge will not work.
Merge only works with joining A to B, B to C, or C to D in this example.

Currently, with all of them on your timeline, copy the filter(s) needed in the first clip, then just go from one clip to the next, and paste the filter(s) one clip at a time.

You could apply filters to the track header.

In the future, you could apply filter(s) when you first open the video in Source. Then when you make cuts to delete portions of the video, all of the filters will remain on the existing clips from that original video.

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This is not merge, it is basically just rejoining the splitted video.

I don’t think the devs should name it merge, until it really is.

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I already said that in Post #2.

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Yes, I already saw that, but my post was to the development team who named it wrong, even though I replied to you.

“Merge” is not wrong, and renaming it “Join” will not help anything in this regard. Do you think “Rejoin” will help? Maybe

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Since the operation to make the two clips is “Split”, maybe “Unsplit”? But that is not really a word. I think “Rejoin” is better than “Merge”.


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