Merge with next clip on Audio track, following clip is deleted

I’m on Windows 10 64 bit.
Shotcut version 16.11.02

Merge with next clip function in timeline editing. Works great when using this function on the video track.
Doing the same on the audio track, the following clip is deleted instead of merged.

Made a screen recording here

~ james


Hi, with the same Windows and Shotcut versions I reproduced the problem and the same happened to me, when trying to merge the audio track again the right side disappeared.

Reproduced on OSX as well. Thanks for the notification.

Merge with next clip is somewhat broken with 17.10.02 as well. (AFAIK) it works as intended when there is only video track. But when you have (atleast) two video tracks then joining clips on the lower track succeeds (I can seek and play the joined clips) but visually it seems like the rightmost clip was deleted instead, and the program crashes sometimes when trying to interact with that new joined clip. See for visual representation.

The video clip seems to be broken.

Sorry, my bad, was set to private by default.

There is no bug. Just a quirk.

Windows 10 SC 17.10.02

Split V1 V2 and A1. Used merge with next clip. V1 and A1 disappear but still play.

Press F5 everything re-appears and all is well.


Was about to post on this. Still present in 18.06.02, and F5 (refresh) still makes it show up proper. Could have sworn I also saw this happen with video - and another post* also suggested this happened - but could not find repro steps for it.

Yeah, I’m just going to remove this function. It is only seldomly useful and buggy as pointed out, and there is another way to accomplish by removing one clip and lengthening the other.


Merge has been removed since version 18.07.