Merge of Rotate and Scale and Size and Position filters

I have wanted to ask the question for a long time. Personally, I find that the separation of the “Size and Position” and “Rotate and Scale” filters is often a handicap as the rotation is often necessary when using size and position. When do you think and would it be possible to merge the two keeping all settings?
Thank you and good evening.

This is already done for the next version. There will not be Offset X and Y since they are redundant with Position and not adjusting correctly for proxy. There is a Zoom included similar to the old Scale to let you adjust the size while keeping the center stationary.

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A few questions for @shotcut if I may.

  1. Is this new filter called “Rotate Size and Position”?

  2. Is the problem using it with proxies fixed, ie does the size/position work with percentages not actual pixel values?

  3. I’m presuming the new interface will look something like this (with “zoom” added somewhere in there?
    Rotate scale filter new (mockup)

  4. Can we still put actual pixel values into the Position and Size parameter fields?

  5. If possible, could you post a screenshot of the new interface please?

Pardon me for these questions but I’m attempting to create a YT tutorial for Motion Blur transitions which makes extensive use of the S/P filter and I’d like to give the correct information. Thanks for any answers to my questions if you have the time!

PS I really like the idea of the ZOOM feature.

Zoom simply affects Size and Position parameters, which are the keyframable ones. It works correctly with proxy and preview scaling.


Thank you!