Merge multiple Shotcut video files?

Hi! We are working on a long video that will contain multiple sections (each with multiple video / audio clips). Can we merge two Shotcut video files together? This way, as we finish a section (could be a couple of hours long), we can start a new video to avoid accidentally editing the other completed sections. If this is possible, is there a limit to how many video files can be merged and how long the completed video can be? Thank you, I appreciate the help!!

Yes you can.
There is a difference between a Shotcut project MLT save file, and an exported file.
You can open open a different named MLT save files into your project.
It’s very vital once you save your projects in various MLT files to use later, that you don’t move the source video files.

Also using the “Save As” will save your current project file with a different name. If you’re spending hours and hours editing, it may be wise to use Save As like this:
project date1 version 1.mlt
project date1 version 2.mlt
project date2 version 1.mlt

@Becca.888 Hi. Just a note that I am having trouble merging (Shotcut video) mlt files. It must be the way I am doing it. You can see my dilemma in my post entitled “Merging mlts corrupts”. I’d be interested to know if you have similar issues.

There are a number of options described in this thread. If you are willing to try a command-line FFmpeg method, it will give you best results for two reasons: 1) It operates on final exported video rather than stitching MLT files together on a common timeline, which eliminates a lot of fragility and makes each section fully independent for further editing; and 2) the stitched video is truly stitched, and not re-encoded which would cause a generation of quality loss. Obviously, all videos would need to be exported with the exact same settings for this to work.

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