Merge/combine clips after splitting to apply Stabilize and Crop filters

Hi, new user here! Very impressed with Shortcut so far but haven’t quite been able to figure out the proper workflow.

I’m digitizing a bunch of 8mm reels. There are some bad frames that I want to cut out so after I add the video to the timeline, I use the “Split at the Playhead” button and then cut the parts I don’t want.

After this is done, I want to apply the Stabilize and Crop filters but they don’t seem to work for the whole timeline. Instead, I have to apply them to clips… Is there a way to merge or combine the video clips after slicing?

I understand that I can get the crop and stabilize done before splitting the video but the parts I want to cut out are either too shaky or have duplicate frames… the machine that scans my reels get stuck every once in a while and the frames just get scanned over and over again

No, crop and stabilize before you split.
Or… After splitting, render out to a lossless format then import the result and crop/stabilize that.

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I’m afraid it will affect the results…
when the machine gets stuck, different parts of the two subsequent frames can appear in the video… as if it was scanned in between two frames… hope it makes sense. Won’t it throw off the stabilizer?

I’ll give it a try though tomorrow