Merge clips back together

I have a 20~ minute video with large chunks of dead air, I’ve already cut out over 10 minutes of chaff. And now I want to stitch things back together and get rid of the blank sections between clips

Is there really no better way to do this than to manually align the dozens and dozens of clips I have? I feel liek I’ll get carpal tunnel and if this program crashes again I’ll explode.

There is no magic button to remove all the empty spaces on a track with one click.

But instead of moving the clips one by one, you could do this:

Move the Playhead over the first clip.
Then use these steps:

  • Alt + Right Arrow to move the Playhead at the end of the clip.

  • Ctrl + Right Arrow to select the empty space on the right side of the Playhead.

  • X to delete the empty space.

Repeat until all the empty spaces are gone.

By the way, you wouldn’t need to do this if you remove the empty spaces as you edit your video.

After you made the two cuts each side of a chunk of dead air, use Ripple Delete
This button:

Or the X key on your keyboard.

Ripple Delete removes the selected clip AND the space it previously occupied.

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