Memory failed, and shotcut deleted my entire timelline

it was a large project, i was making one of the very final edits, importing some audio to the timeline,when suddenly, i got the running low on memory window. it said that i should close some apps and reopen shotcut. it gave me the highlighted option to ¨save", so i clicked that. the project then proceeds to close itself, and when i reopen it, the entire project is gone,.leaving me with only my reproduction list intact, but not a single edit. it obviously wont simply let me re do it, it seems to be gone. it was a large and complex project, it took up so much time. i cannot simply make again. please, i need help.

I suggest to restore it from a backup.

You might want to sit down for this…

I’m really sorry, but he means the latter.

Such significant and important work should always be backed up by the user in some form (but I’m guessing you’re about to learn that the hard way). You could try searching your computer for mlt files that have been created on the date of your disaster, and if any exist opening them (unlikely). However, so this doesn’t happen to you again:

I can empathise, but look at it as a valuable learning experience.

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