Memory error while exporting the video

windows 10 64bit (Windows 10 Home Single Language)
Version :- 21H1

Shotcut version :- 21.12.24 64bits

I have this problem only when I export my video in any format (I try several format like h.264 and mp4). this is error that system could not read memory
Screenshot :-

Log :-
log.txt (298.1 KB)

Please help I don’t know how to remove this and I am unable to export my video any more

My task manager status

What other export settings did you use?
Can you take a screenshot of your Video and Codec tabs?

Do you get the same result if you were to use Default? When you click on Default (Preset) also click on Reset, next to Export File.

I’m wondering if shotcut has any problem with memory leaking… I noticed that the longer I’m editing the file, the more memory shotcut take. Sure it’s probably related with caching etc… but it’s some kind of constant inrease.

I also noticed that my shotcut crashed twice when exporting video (which didn’t happen in older versions). Since that before exporting I always close the shotcut and open again (to have fresh copy) and then I run export.

I use 21.12.21

This looks like a project specific to this project, and I do not reproduce it. You need to change your project to make it work.