Memory disapears

hi guys. can some one could help me. after i exporting video my hard disk memory disappear. I’ve tried everything. i ever delete videos that i made with shotcut. every time I edit some material and export it - every time gygabites of memory just disapears. I made recently video about 800 mb size, exported it of course it mirrors on my memory. but when i deleting it from pc memory not coming back. and after every edited video my pc has left with smaller memory. excuse me for my english.

Hi @Noisykid

I suppose you mean that the videos you export take a lot of disk space on your hard drive and you can’t figure out why…

Please answer these questions:

  1. What version of Shotcut are you using?
  2. What is the operating system of your computer (WIndows, Linux, Mac) ?
  3. What size and format (mp4, mkv, mov etc…) are the original videos you use ?
  4. Show us the exact EXPORT settings you use. Make sure you provide ALL of them.

Well that could be also a problem of your PC if only C drive is filling and if only C drive is filling than go to C drive properties and do disk cleanup and it will not cleanup up your personal data until you check them in the checkbox and make sure not to check your personal data to be cleaned. And disk cleanup only will be applied to C drive.
Only applies for windows.

And in Windows if you delete some files it is stored in recycle bin app then you also need to delete it from bin then it deletes memory from your pc. Same for macOS.

the point is not that the exported video is big size. The point is when I delete exported video from my windows 10 x64 - even then my memory wont come back to it first state. For example i have 150gb memory. I open shotcut, editing video then exporti ng it and exported video size is 1gb. so now i have left 149gb of memory and its obvious. but when i delete that exported 1gb of size video from my pc my memory stays at 149gb. And I dont get it why. at that moment when i started editing (a few) video I have 156gb of memory ( I didnt do anything else that day jus work with shotcut) and now i have 149gb left. I understand that video has big sizes but the point is that i deleted all those made videos from my pc but memory wont come back to it first state 156 of gygabites. And |its never happened before it is obvious that problem with particuly video editing program. yesterday I delete shotcut so I cant say what version i used.

Well, like @Ar_D said above, you don’t get back this disk space (what you call memory) until you empty the recycle bin.

its empty. I checked it what shotcut I use. I have dowloaded my shotcut from microsoft store years ago in 2019 but only yesterday I installed it. I cant dind info for what exactly version it is but in the microsoft store is a date of realese 10.17.2018 year. Now I dowloaded newest version from shotcut site but for this moment I diddnt do none editing.

in some way you were right. My recycle bin was empty. in Internet i found such program called eraser, luanched it and disck sapce cam back to it first sated. I think that shotcut stored files after editing in the folder that Icant find or something like that. cause I know exatcly that the problem was in shotcut. As I say - today i dowloaded newest version from shotcut site. Going to see how it plays out

thanks for your time and help!!

You’re welcome @Noisykid
A 2018 version… That’s why we ask many questions about your computer and your Shotcut version. If we had known from the start that you were using a 2 or 3 years old version, we would probably have saved a lot of time :wink:

thank you guys, thank you for your time :slight_smile: . It surprised me that response was so quick. Cause i really like shotcut.


There is a nice little utility called Wiztree, that will very quickly analyse your disk(s) and enable you to find which files and folders are using the most disk space on your Windows system. It is free for personal use.

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