Meltytech Folder

Hi, why I can’t move the Meltytech Folder from drive C: to dirve D: IN my computer.
I move it but the proxi files as I loaded the program, created in new Meltytech folder.
Please help

You can, use Settings > App Data Directory > Set to move it. But that also changes where the configuration settings are saved: from the registry to a shotcut.ini file in the app data folder. Otherwise, if you want to manually configure the change in location, find the configuration key appdatadir in the registry (or shotcut.ini if you have ever used this previously) as explained here

See also the proxy\folder configuration key that controls where to store proxies. If this is not set, then it uses the proxies sub-folder of the appdatadir. This can be changed using Settings > Proxy > Storage > Set.

Hi, Sorry for the delay, thanks for your reply, I did it hopefully it will work.

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