Meltytech Autosave and proxies

Do I regularly have to delete the following data
Appdata \ local \ meltytech> shocut
Autosave and Proxies these files seem to be loaded.
Thank you for your advice

i think you can delete them if you don’t see need for them any more.
The autosave would normally not take much space, so i would concentrate on the proxies.
I dont think Shotcut will delete these one time, as it cant know if you still need it.

Hello and thank you for your advice.
My pc had 8.44 MB for Autosave and 1.67 GB for Proxies;
I emptied these files of this content.
Thank you for your help.

I set up proxy storage to be created in the project folder.
I also indicate a folder (which I call Orphans Proxy) so that proxy files created without being associated with a project (those that are created without having previously created or saved a project), are saved in this folder.

Normally I create a project with the appropriate resolution and FPS. Then I save the project. I look for the folder where the .MLT file is. Then I drag all the media files I use in the project into that folder. This way I can open the project on another computer or operating system by copying the entire project folder.

Thank you for your mail, I do almost the same thing except that I name them “atelier x, y” with its sub files such as: audio, base images, mlt videos and processed images.
I do not see the difference between “project” and “source” so I created the above procedure.
Thank you for your advice.

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