Melt.exe crashes at 99% in the last three updates

I can edit and export without problems with 21.09.22, but each new version after that crashes melt.exe at 99%.

dual boot win7/10, 64bit 16 gigs ram, ssd

running under win 7 with my old editing programs and haven’t tried it in win10.

Not a bit deal as I can do everything I want under 21.09.22 but it is annoying.


Is there a filter to overlay the previous clip by a set time? If so, could I know it’s name?

I like to overlap my cuts and it would be nice to be more consistent than pulling the clip over manually.


If you want to overlay something you need to have the footage on top of each other on the timeline, this is how video editing work, there is properly some trick to optimize your workflow, but you need to show what you want in details (screenshoots).

My tip for doing this would be to:

  • Turn on “Snapping” (the magnet icon).
  • Position the playhead to the end of the first clip using AltLeft or AltRight.
  • Move the playhead to the position you want the second clip to overlap to using one or more of the keyboard shortcuts shown below. e.g. if you want a 3 second overlap use ShiftPg Up then Pg Up which will move backwards 2 seconds + 1 second.
  • Drag the second clip towards the playhead and it will “snap” to it when it gets close.

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Check if the resulting file is usable and playable. You can also view the export job log to see if appears to succeed by reporting something like a summary at the end. Sometimes, there is a crash when the program is trying to close, cleanup and release things. Even though it is not necessary to do so, and I tried to avoid it, some things cannot be avoided due to how software is constructed.

Thanks everyone for the responses.

The crash has been resolved. How? I don’t know. I reinstalled in win10 and it completed the export to 100%. I rebooted into win7 and it also worked as intended with a 20gig video with 12 cuts.

With the tips provided above, I’ve managed to apply my (very short .6sec) transitions consistently by disabling a few default settings and counting frames and dragging.

Thanks again, and since the thread title is misleading, feel free to delete it or let me know.

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