Maybe add type-writer text effect?

I just watched a tutorial on how to do it with the current version and possibly wringing water out of stone looks effortless in comparison lol.

I know it’s a luxury kind of feature, but I do believe almost everyone who uses shotcut would be using rolling/typewritter style text in their videos if this feature was available.

Thank you very much!

That would be my tutorial then :wink:

I do agree though, it’s a bit complex for the user who wants a built-in feature, but until then it’s a solution that works. The word is that a built-in typewriter effect could be implemented in the next few months or so.

Yes it was a masterful tutorial and if I were to look for a tutorial on any other effect I want to achieve then I would look you up first, but the method for achieving this particular effect, dear lord :slight_smile:
I did it though. 120 screen captures.

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Thank you! Perhaps my next tutorial should be on something a little less complicated LOL!
Wow, 120 screen captures!! Well done. Full marks for perseverance! Did you not try method 2 (for longer passages of text)?

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