Max file size

With so many messaging platforms limiting video file size, it’d be a huge trump card if users could specify a max file size, and Shotcut calculated the bitrates (given parameters, constrained/unconstrained, etc). I realise this is an imprecise science, but as long as the final size falls a few kb short of the specified maximum, we’d all be winning.

Then many of the users using this will complain about the quality when giving a low file size.

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This reminds me a show where whatever the other person was saying, the judge was saying no each second (and the judge did good, because those things were not good to do that the guy was asking). It was hilarious to watch.


Really? I wouldn’t underestimate the users’ ability to understand that higher quality requires larger sizes.

I am not rejecting the idea; just expressing a concern I initially thought of. A person can easily have the same issue today by choosing to use a low bitrate, but usually they have to know quite a bit to feel confident enough to make that sort of change… unless they read something on the Web or used a bitrate calculator (there are a few on the web). Would need to add some warning here; but “low” depends on resolution, frame rate, and codec - which complicates things. Also, to meet the target size closely enough it can only work with constant bitrate or average bitrate with dual pass.

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