Matte Transitions and Stinger Transition

These transitions were originally created in Hitfilm, The Transition_1 was created with fractal noise and it was made by me. The Transition_3 (Which is the second and last transition) was created in Hitfilm by another YouTuber known as motionepicFX, but it was only available as a project file for hitfilm, So, I just export it and made a video on how to use the Transition_3 in shotcut. (2.5 MB)

There was also the Transition_2, but it seems to be not working with shotcut. But you can check that if it works for you:-

And if you do not know how to use the Transition_1 and Transition_2, then someone :grin: has made a very good tutorial on it.

@jonray and his tutorial
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Thanks, @Ar_D , these look good. I’ll experiment. Thanks for posting them!

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Glad you liked them.

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