Master volume visualization timeline

Somewhere in the timeline view, there should be an option to visualize the results of combining all the audio in the project. Points where the audio is clipping (a.k.a. “going over the red line”) as a result of combining all the audio sources on that part of the timeline should be detectable in this view so that measures can be taken to correct instances of clipping.

Or, alternatively, an option could be created to only export the audio portions so that this editing can be done in one’s preferred audio editor (Audacity) and then an option on the export screen to use an alternative audio file for the audio portion of the resulting video file. That way, any final audio effects can be done in a dedicated audio editor.

Or maybe both of these things could be added. Or maybe this feature is in there already and I merely failed to see it.

Exporting every track as one audio file sounds like a great project for a melt script!

As for the UI, currently it seems to only be possible to export the whole project as one audio file using the encoding dialog.

One can export mp3, ogg or wav for example and once the editing is done, one can mute all tracks, create a new audio track and put the mastered audio on a new track.

Here’s a quick video tutorial to make it easier finding the export option:

Being able to see red lines in the audio to indicate clipping in a video editor sounds like an interesting new feature. I only ever saw this in Audacity so far.

Just downloaded the current X64-Version (Windows 7).
For exporting AAC, MP3, WAV from a 26 Minute Video, Shotcut took longer then 8 Minutes.
Audio only.

May there be a bug? Exporting the same in Vegas takes just 10 seconds or so.

Sounds bad. What if you “hide” all video tracks by pressing the “h” icon on the left side of the tracks first? - Does exporting audio get faster?

Yesterday I just hat 3 audio-tracks from the video. The videotrack itselfs was deleted.

I just tried again with another MP4-File. 1.3 GB 22 Minutes.
Video was hidden.

Exporting from the file is slow but somewhat acceptable (AAC and/or MP3).
Exporting from the timeline is incredibly slow.

And I have to export from the timeline because my mp4 has 3 audiotracks which shall be modified and then saved as one file. Currently I’m not able to use Shotcut, unfortunately, as long as it needs just for audio as long as Vegas needs for encoding a whole video :slight_smile:

Did you disable video in the Export > Codec tab? If you do not, it will still encode video regardless if all video tracks in the timeline is hidden. Also, choosing an audio-only preset such as “AAC” will disable the video encoding. But, if you just blindly do not change something and click Export File, it will still try to encode video even if it is all just black.

Of course the video is disabled. Maybe your AAC or MP3 audio-only-presets are buggy. I’m working since 12 years with different kind of video software, so you can assume that I’m reading the screens. There is no “black video” it’s just a totally slow AAC-File. Incredibly slow. Unusable.

Because there is no hint from your side that you can’t reconstruct this matter, I have to assume that you have not tried it.