Master track problem

I’m totally new to Shotcut and have run into a problem. Putting a short video together, I had one track I used as my Master track, with 4 tracks underneath that I used as my ‘pool’. It was all going well until (I guess) I hit some button or another; I suddenly had another (blank) track above my master track, that refuses to be deleted. If I delete it, it actually deletes my master track (the one below it) and the blank track remains. Another problem is on the master track (comprising a lot of clips); when I click the first click, it highlights ok (red outline) but none of the other clips respond - I can’t highlight them or move them or delete them. Can anyone suggest what I have done wrong? Thanks.

Could you attach a screenshot of it, I tried adding and deleting tracks with keyboard shortcuts, and it worked correctly for me…

Hi @raslo

I get similar selection problems from time to time.
Only workaround I found is to save the project, then close and re-launch Shotcut.