Mask: Simple Shape - Add Rotation Keyframing

Hi, As per the title really. Could there be rotation key framing added to mask simple? I’m guessing it wasn’t added as per Vertical, Horizontal, Width & Height due to some technicality?

Thanks for a great product.

Add the rotate and scale filter under the simple mask filter and use the rotate keyframes.

Unfortunately that isn’t quite the same effect. Rotate on rotate and scale rotates the image whereas the rotate on Mask Simple actually rotates the mask and not the image. Having a keyframe on rotate on Mask Simple would negate the adding of multiple videos.

In the video I am opening a door which, as the door opens, the secondary video fills the gap of the opening door. It looks like the videographer is stepping from one scene to another via the opening door… The angle on the edge of the left side of the door is different than the door frame on the right. These two door angles (left & right) constantly change as you step through the video frame by frame. If keyframing was possible on the Mask Simple rotate I could accomplish this with possibly just 3 video’s, right now I am up to 10 and it’s getting a bit cumbersome.

@Elusien added keyframes to the rotate and scale filter.

You can try it and see if it works for you.

I think that may provide me with a solution. I’ll come back once I’ve attempted it.

Something strange happens. I can add the filter on a video but If I click on another video and then come back to the original video it changes the filter to Mask Simple

I don’t think you can have two mask filters. You might have to remove the one that comes with SC.

Yes that was an example of adding multiple times but I initially started with nothing and added just the one. It seems to jump back to the SC standard Mask Simple.

EDIT: I tried various ways of adding and saving the project , closing, opening, checking but it always reverts back to the standard SC filter. Even if the “Neil” filter is copied to a second video it pastes as the standards SC one. Weird but anyhow thanks for the response.

You might need to remove the SC Mask filter folder from
for the 'Neil" filter to work.

Thanks for the advice on the “Neil” mask Sauron. It allowed me to achieve the effect I wanted with just the 3 videos.

I added this for the next version 21.08


Great! Thanks Dan