Mask filter not working

I think removing the compositing button introduced bugs. I can’t get the mask to work. I tried a couple of different approaches and still couldn’t get it to work as intended. When you add a video on a new track, the properties blend mode goes away. I add a Mosaic it works on top of a mask which is the what I was trying to achieve. Reporting that is doesn’t work as I’ve seen in the tutorials. I will post a tuturial with keyframes with the ver. 18.09.16

You have to select the track head again to see the Track properties.
It is working fine.

Also, Blend mode is not available for the bottom video track by design. If you were enabling composite on the bottom track previously you were doing it wrong even though you may have achieved your goal. Oh, I just found a bug that you may have run into: remove the bottom video track (why do people do this?) and then click undo. Now, the Properties for V2 is missing Blend mode. The workaround is simple: save and reload the project.

That wasn’t the case for me. I just copied the video from V1 and pasted it into a new video track and the properties show up. I see now that blend mode is not available by design at the bottom but in a previous tut I saw it was. Thats where I was getting mixed up. Its working now, thanks!. Tracking faces with mosaic and filter would be nice. Also the filter is still not working when you add it. There is no effect unless you dup the track and add it on top.

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