Mask apply

Please, I would like to know what does it mean Mask Apply filter and the correct way to use it. Grazie, thanks…

Hi @Roberto_Picucci
Mask: Apply is used in combination with the other Mask filters.
It’s essential in situations where you need to apply a filter (like blur for example) to a specific area of a video.

You can see an example of Mask: Apply used in this Shotcut tutorial :


In the screen capture bellow, you can see what happens when I disable Mask: Apply.

Instead of being applied only to the area defined by Mask: Simple Shape, the blur is applied to the entire image.

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Before version 18.12 of Shotcut, you would have had to use multiple tracks, instead of one to make a mask work.

In addition to @MusicalBox’s demonstration…

I just made this image up to use as Mask: From File.

This being able to perform this on just one track.


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