Mask Apply gone? How to blur everything except an object


Thank you for a great product!

I noticed that Mask: Apply is removed and would also to grab the opportunity and ask how to blur everything(background) except an object in an image . Coulnd’t find any tutorial how to do that so this is also the main reason I’m writing to you. Filter option Spot Remover could actually be great to do that job if available also for blur in and blur out specific parts of the image or video.


I’m using the latest version and Mask: Apply is still there.
Are there any other filters missing for you?

Mask: Apply is the only one missing, strange!

Shotcut version 20.04.12

The only reason Mask: Apply should not appear is if a) you already have Mask: Apply on the selected object or b) you are using some Linux build not provided by us.

When using the mask approach, you need to add an Alpha Channel: Adjust and Invert.

Pourriez-vous s’il vous plait montrer les réglages des 2 premiers filtres (Mask et Blur), je n’arrive pas à reproduire.

Deepl Traduction
Could you please show the settings of the first 2 filters (Mask and Blur), I can’t reproduce

Well it seems that I had the issues because of the translation to swedish. I changed the language to english and it shows up now :slight_smile:

I would suggest to make a change in swedish from Lägg till to either Tillämpa or Applicera to avoid future confusion. Thank you!

Mask : Lägg till means Mask : Add should be Mask: Applicera which means Apply in Swedish would be better.

The way I do it is:

  1. Put your clip on track V1;
  2. Copy your clip to track V2.
  3. On the V2 clip apply filters: Mask: Simple Shape; Blur Exponential; Alpha Adjust (INVERT ticked)

Then you can modify the filter parameters to get the effect you desire. You almost did it, but you need a copy of the clip below the one you modify in order to get the non-blurred part.

C’est ainsi que je le fais :

  1. Mettez votre clip sur la piste V1 ;
  2. Copiez votre clip sur la piste V2.
  3. Sur le clip V2, appliquez des filtres : Masque : Forme simple ; Flou exponentiel ; Ajustement alpha (INVERT coché)

Vous pouvez ensuite modifier les paramètres du filtre pour obtenir l’effet que vous souhaitez. Vous avez presque réussi, mais vous avez besoin d’une copie du clip en dessous de celui que vous modifiez afin d’obtenir la partie non floue.

Traduit avec (version gratuite)

Thank you I found out yesterday but I like the idea that there are more options to do it.

Dan doesn’t do the translation. This is done by a community effort - see here:

Ok sorry didn’t know :slight_smile:

Varsågod. - I hope that means “You’re welcome”

Correct :grinning:

Merci @Elusien. Effectivement je n’avais pas pensé à mettre une copie du clip sous la piste inférieure. C’est maintenant chose faite.
Par contre je n’ai pas besoin d’appliquer le troisième filtre (Ajustement Alpha), cela fonctionne juste avec 2 filtres (Masque et Flou)

Est-ce que la solution de @shotcut permettrait d’avoir le même résultat sans avoir à dupliquer le clip sur la piste inférieure mais en utilisant à la place le filtre Alpha?

Deepl Traduction
Thank you @Elusien. Indeed I hadn’t thought of putting a copy of the clip under the lower track. It is now done.
But I don’t need to apply the third filter (Alpha Adjust), it just works with 2 filters (Mask and Blur).

Would @shotcut’s solution allow to have the same result without having to duplicate the clip on the lower track but using the Alpha filter instead?

Yes you are correct, you can do without the Alpha Adjust if you use “Operation: Subtract” on the Mask: Simple Shape filter.

You can do it without duplicating the clip by applying the following filters in this order:

  1. Mask: Simple Shape
  2. Blur: Gaussian
  3. Mask: Apply
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I’m using the latest version and Mask: Apply is still there.
Are there any other filters missing for you?

The original poster solved the “problem”. The filter was there but because he was using the Swedish translation it was not obvious what it was called and so he had a problem locating it.

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