Marking video and audio separately

i haven’t been able to find a tutorial for this so I’m assuming the program doesn’t have the option…marking the video and audio files you add separately not to mention the audio within the primary file itself would be a needed feature if not already available…i would put this in the keyframe section where you can mark the “keyframes” you want to cut in the video and a simple option for marking the audio that doesn’t interfere with the rest of the workflow

I have a hard time to understand what you are asking for, could you please give some examples of usecases for your suggestion.

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there is the option to put markers in the output bar but it would be a lot more convenient to have it in the individual tracks and the…like if i add a song i make to the file and add a video which has an audio track of it’s own i need to be able to raise or lower the volume of that track…for example i would be able to mark where i need the sound of the video come in and where i need the sound of my song to come in…thanks for the help in advance :slight_smile:

Markers are timeline markers (ranges). I use different marker color for different tasks.
If I want to mark a place on a track, I just make a cut and use Alt - Left/Right to navigate between the cuts.

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Hi, I export video and edit audio separately in another application (Ardour). I then mux the audio and video files. It’s called picture lock. You create your edit that works visually and then keep working on the audio file.

Now, I don’t know if this is what you are talking about. However, it’s a valid question, that is if I understand the question…

Because, BWF does have a feature for markers. BWF is a wav format with timestamp information. It’s a neat idea to be able to export audio with markers in it. So thanks for bringing this up.

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that’s a good way to go ftm but it would be more convenient if the marker was smaller and on the tracks since you can zoom into it and would also kick ass if you can right click on the viewer to mark the frame like when you see that part of the vid it has a outline/checkmark or dot either on the top or bottom corner of the video for example…kinda like i’ve shown here with the red marks

thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

Its really only a possibility. Using BWF files for markers. Its just an idea because of your suggestion.

But separating out video and audio works really well. Then combining them works well and is standard practice for me.

clip markers are on the Shotcut - Road Map

This cannot go in the Keyframes because that is dependent upon the selected filter. A clip with no filters does not appear in Keyframes. Also, it should be possible to have markers outside of the trimmed sub-clip.


yeah a little more freedom with the markers would just speed up workflow