Marking clips when they are already merged


I’ve merged several clips (text, picture, video) into one and saved it as one video. But now I would like to make a few changes in some particular clips, f.ex. the text in one of the pictures. However, the merged clips appear in the timeline as one clip without the line where you normally see when a clip starts and ends. And I cannot work on the text because the filter does not show that I was using text at all. Is it possible - and if so, how - to show again the marks between the merged clips? Thanks a lot - I don’t want to start the whole thing again.

Using Shotcut version 20.09.13 (latest version at the time of this post) you can only merge clips of the same that was once split and in the same specific order of the clip once split.

Could it be possible you exported everything in one video file?
This is what the export window looks like.

If the video was exported, there is no way to change the text filters used.

If you saved the project (MLT file), then you can open the MLT file and change the text filters and then export the video once again.


Thanks for the answer, but I’m afraid I do not exactly understand. Sorry, I am still a beginner with shotcut.
I’m using the version 20.07.11.
I did not export the video file, but saved it as a mlt.file in order to work on it later. First I worked on the clips separately, used several filters like text, and then I merged the clips by overlapping them. Mostly the clips are pictures for which I made undertitles. Then I saved the file as mlt and closed the program. Next time I wanted to work on it, I put the project in the timeline but I cannot see the sign where the different clips start or end, but it is shown as one clip. With other projects everything is working fine, so maybe I made a mistake that I don’t want to repeat but I cannot see which mistake…
Is there the possibility to see the clips seperately again? Thanks in advance!

A screenshot would really be helpful.

Are you seeing something like this?

Or something like this?

It’s the second one.
The clip in the middle consists of several pictures and a video.

You’ll have to open that MLT clip in Shotcut to edit.
Once done, that MLT clip will update.

That sounds logical. Unfortunately, I have no clou how to extract this one clip to open it in shotcut. I tried several things but had no success. In order not to bother you any more, I will go the longer way and seperate the clips via splitting. But this is a good thing with shotcut - there ist more than one way :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!

Somewhere on your computer you have this file (too blurry to make out the name).
entraque.mlt ??

Save your current project.
File - Close (or File-New)
Open that mlt file in Shotcut like you would a picture or a video.

Dear Hudson555x, yes it is entraque, indeed. Thanks very much for not giving up :slight_smile: in the meantime I think that I made a mistake while saving because I am not able to follow your instructions which would be helpful when everything would have gone the right way…

There is a few ways you could have inserted the MLT file into your project. Either of which required you to have had access to that file.

You could have dragged from a folder to the Timeline.
Or dragged from folder to Playlist, or Source, then to the Timeline.

You could have opened up the MLT inside your project by Open MLT XML As Clip.

I suggested that you save your current project.
Close Shotcut.
Open Shotcut.
File - Open File
Locate entraque.mlt on your computer, select the file, then Open.

Now you can edit this file.

Dear Hudson, I understand that, and I confirm that I have those “original” files which I inserted by opening them as you described. But this is not my problem. The problem is: I have for example two videos and three pictures of which I want to make a small clip. I bring them all into the timeline. Here I work on them, using several filters, overlapping them, writing text to one or the other and so on. At the end, I’m saving the resulting clip as one project, let’s say entraque.mlt. The next day I am watching the clip and I am f.ex. not that satisfied with a subtitle or the overlapping at some points. But now the programme shows me the clip as ONE clip, so I cannot see anymore where one of the “original” videos or pictures I used for the clip starts or ends. Which makes it very difficult to overwork them. I was really looking in tutorials and forums for this problem, but I could not find anybody with the same problem. If you look at the screenshot I posted: The clip “entraque” contains several pictures and videos, but there is no possibility to “divide” them again. Only if I import the “original” files again, but this cannot be the solution… So, my conclusion is that I made a mistake while saving…

TLDR: This is the only way you can edit entraque.mlt. Look for this in the top left of Shotcut.
Once edited/changed and saved, the changes will be reflected in your current project.

I know what you’re experiencing and what you want to do. I will continue to attempt to explain.

You need to open the file entraque.mlt, just like you have done with your current project.

entraque.mlt is a project file for Shotcut. You want to edit this file, but you have to open this specific file alone in Shotcut.

The only screenshot you provided shows you are attempting to edit entraque.mlt within another mlt project, which Shotcut doesn’t support.

Here is a sample project you can experiment with. This would be your entraque.mlt.
text orange.mlt (3.7 KB)

  • This is what you see at the top of Shotcut when opened. This file can only be edited from here.
    • You can edit from here.

This is an example of your current project.
blue text.mlt (6.3 KB)

  • This is what you see at the top of Shotcut when opened. This file can only be edited from here.
    • You can not edit* text orange.mlt from here.
      • You can split, trim and add filters to text orange.mlt from here, but can’t change how this mlt was made.

When you edit text orange.mlt all changes will update in blue text.mlt.

When you go back and edit entraque.mlt, your current project will reflect those changes in regards to enraque.mlt.

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