Markers gets deleted :-(

I use ALT+M to wrap a marker around a clip, so marker is synced with the clip start.

But when i use X (ripple delete) on a previous clip that i need to remove the previous marker is deleted.

To prevent this i’ve to edit the marker and make it start with a little delay,
when the marker start exactly with the clip (ALT+M) it gets deleted:
but this should not happen.

Is it a bug or is it supposed to work that way?

I’m running 22.09.23 Linux Mint.

It is a bug with Ripple Markers even in the latest version. It happens when you ripple delete the clip that immediately precedes the markered clip.

This is fixed for the next release.


Thank you!!!

Does this cover only the ranged marker type? Can it also work this way with simple markers (as suggested here)?

The problem is also fixed for a simple marker.

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