Markers during playback - Mark in & Mark out


While playing a clip (main playback window) I can hit ‘space’ to stop the playback at the exact point where to mark where I would like to start the clip from, but as soon as I move the left marker the play bar marker just jumps back to the start so the only way to mark the start of a new clip is to remember the time frame and move the marker with the mouse. It would be much better to be able to mark in and mark out during playback with a keyboard command during playback and have the markers jump to the exact location. Hope that makes sense?

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Use the keyboard to set the in and out points.
Press i to mark the in point, o to mark the out point. Add the marked section to the playlist or drag and drop on the timeline.


Repeat to mark as many sections as you want.

Keyboard Shortcuts.

Also, you can set in and out points while the video is playing. Using i and o keys.


See Help > Keyboard Shortcuts… in the Shotcut main menu.