Markers Don't Ripple With Ripple Delete

Shotcut version 21.12.24
Windows 10

Even after turning on the Ripple Timeline Markers button along with the other ripple buttons, all markers will stay put after doing ripple delete.

I’ll also point out that even the range markers don’t behave as expected when rippling. Considering that the ends mark specific frames I would expect them to recoil or expand accordingly during ripples.

I think there are some cases being handled improperly. Can you provide some slightly more concrete examples.

In this case:
If the orange clip is deleted, the marker will be deleted because the marker start is in the “delete” range of frames (even though the end is not in the range, a marker must have a start and an end). Maybe there is a different way to handle this that would be more intuitive.

In this case:
If the orange clip is deleted, the marker will not be modified because neither the start nor end are in the deleted range. But I think you are suggesting that the start should not be modified, but the end should be moved by the duration of the deleted clip. I think that would make sense to change.

I was basing this on how rippling all tracks behaves with the clips. However, looking at it again I think that the behavior of rippling all tracks should be updated. Should I bring elaborate here or in a separate thread?

I prefer separate bug report threads for separate issues.