Mapping timline to player


when dealing with more than one timeline, how can I map a timeline of my choice to the player?

I have realized as a default always the uppermost timeline is mapped to the player window.
I have also realized that I can hide any timeline - also the uppermost - and then the next (non-hidden) timeline is mapped to.

Is there any easier method available (like just hitting the wanted timeline) to map it directly to the player?

Any help is appreciated - thanks and Regards

Hey @Cutty2021 ,
There is a new unstable version of shotcut with time remap you can check that out:

That isn’t quite correct. If your uppermost track is 50% transparent then you see a mixture of the uppermost and the next uppermost track and so on. The player shows the sum of all tracks and filters, i.e. what your exported video will look like. All you can do is switch individual track visibility on/off using the “eye” symbol on the track.

This is a very good hint - I am not advanced enough in my learning curve to have realized this!
Tthanks a lot!

Best Regards

If you have any other queries as you get to learn how best to use Shotcut, don’t hesitate to ask.

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