Manual input of values in Advanced Keyframe is not so responsive

I am submitting this as a bug because I assume it is one although I am not sure if it is designed this way.

While working in Advanced Keyframes, whenever the Filter has values with numbers on it like “Size and Position” and “Text” I’ve noticed that entering the numbers in the spaces manually isn’t very responsive. If instead of dragging the box around I decide to change the position in Advanced Keyframes by manually doing it by entering the numbers I always have to do it twice. I enter the number and either press “enter” or move the mouse to another number in the values and the number I entered will just go back to whatever the number was before I entered the one I wanted. I then have to go and enter the enter the number again and press “enter” or move the mouse to another value for Shotcut to finally accept the change made.

I notice this hasn’t happened in Simple Keyframes which are responsive to the first time I enter the numbers manually. I don’t remember having to do it more than once for Shotcut to recognize the change being made.

Is this a bug and if so can it be fixed?

I agree, manually inputting values into advanced size and position keyframes doesn’t seem to work for me either at present (works fine for simple keyframes though). A fix for that would be brilliant!

I do have a suggestion related to this. I wondered if a feature could be added so that you can copy and then paste keyframe parameters? My vision is having two clickable buttons located just to the right of the keyframe parameter boxes, one saying “copy parameters” and the other saying “paste parameters”.

So - you would set the size/position of a clip at the starting keyframe, then select “copy parameters”, then advance to the end keyframe and select “paste parameters”. Then you would be able to tweak maybe just one (or two) of the parameters to change the position (say) of the clip. Useful if you want to keep the size of the clip the same but just change its position.

I just worked on a project using lots of size/position keyframes and found I was using a PEN and PAPER (gasp…) frequently, to write down the 4 parameters of the starting keyframe then re-inputting them one at a time for the end keyframe.

This feature would be great for other filters, too. You could set the mask parameters (which can be complex and time consuming) then copy/paste the parameters before tweaking the end keyframes, and I think it would be a very useful feature.

Wow! We think alike! I was literally thinking of suggesting something very similar to that in my next thread but I didn’t want to start so many threads at one time on the forum.

I came from the angle that when experimenting with Keyframes there are times I want to pass whatever the last position was in the Keyframe field to the next clip. In other words, being able to add the values but not the Keyframe animation. So if I have a text that is moving around, for example, and I want it to settle in a specific spot and stay there for whatever length of time right now I have to go back and forth from the clip with Keyframes to the clip without Keyframes to manually pass on those values. It would save time if there was an option that allows to be able to go copy whatever values are there as per the placement of the playhead in the Keyframe field and be able to then paste those values to wherever one wants. That’d be a great addition!

Just to supplement my thread’s topic, I found this video of youtube user clueple c who uploaded a video in early July demonstrating Keyframes and during his video he experiences the exact same problem I describe of manual inputs in Advance Keyframes not being so response:

You can skip to 2 minutes 50 seconds and you will see him having the same issue and saying so. In the video he was using v18.07 but the problem still exists in the build that was released on the 14th of this month.

Ditto on the odd behaviour of manual parameters in filters not behaving intuitively in advanced key-frames. It works fine in simple mode but not advanced. In advanced, I’ve found the quickest way to make it work is to hit the reset values button next to the parameters you want to change before you type them in - only seems to need to be typed once then, but of course if you only want to tweak the numbers a little you need to remember the values before you hit the reset which has has me resorting to pencil & paper too. It can also add to the frustration that sometimes the handles on the edge of the image are often unresponsive to dragging in advanced size & position (for me anyway) so doing it manually is often the easiest way to get results.
Copy/Paste functionality would be nice too, but for myself I’m not as fussed about typed values (though it would be handy) as being able to copy individual filters from one clip to another. At the moment SC only seems to copy the whole suite of filters applied one clip which are then pasted to another meaning some have to be deleted in the destination clip and it’s a bugger if you delete the wrong one!

A good tip @QDSOV , will try that!

Yes, yes! My point exactly! Interesting to hear I’m not the only one having to continually jot 4 sets of numbers down then…:roll_eyes:

This (original problem reported) was fixed in v18.09.