Malwarebytes identifies a trojan

I just installed the current version replacing my previous working version and Malwarebytes has quarantined my libdl.dll file because it says there is a trojan in it; identified as : Trojan.Wdfload.TskLnk

I can’t run Shotcut because this file is quarantined. Is this a Malwarebytes glitch, or an actual problem with the download file? BTW, I tried the download from the mirror site as well and same result.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for such a great program and the support

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OH, sorry, this is the Windows 64 bit version. 18.05.08

Probably a malwarebytes issue:


I am having the same problem with MalwareBytes Pro version showing a Trojan when I try to use Shotcut.

I just ran MalwareBytes after removing Shotcut program from my computer and it did not show anything bad on my computer.

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I’m having this same problem - even when uninstalling and reinstalling, installing older versions of the program, deleting the original download and doing a fresh download… and Malwarebytes quarantines the trojan, I delete it, try to open the program, and boom - the trojan is suddenly back.

Oh, and like @grdbum said above, running multiple scans, both full and folder-specific, with both Malwarebytes and Windows Defender, brings up no problems.

This is very frustrating, because Malwarebytes/Windows is preventing me from opening Shotcut at all, and I have work to do :-/

EDIT: Found a thread on MWB’s forums, but no responses yet :-/

Has anyone ran a virus check with another software other than Malwarebytes?

Defender doesn’t pick it up. M/Bytes does.

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Avast business hasn’t made a peep about it either

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It’s fixed now - update your MWB. You may have to reinstall Shotcut (I did), but once you’ve done that, Shotcut works again :slight_smile:

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Malwarebytes and Windows Defender are well-known in the pro IT community to be a no-no if you’re trying to legitimately protect something. The only thing worse would be a McAfee product which are, many times, counter-productive as they miss a wide number of threats. Try Bitdefender, Avast, or AVG instead.

Truth by assertion, right?
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