Making a person disappear and reappear in another location

Hi there,

I am trying to “teleport” a person from one location to another … something like what you watch in Star Trek movies.

Any help/suggestion which filter I can use to do that ?
I tried using video fade in and fade out filters … but it just does give you the dazzling effect …

I know there a heaps of filters in Shotcut but having a hard time understanding them all … especially if one try to do a mix of filters, it gets very complicated to visualize what combination can achieve what effect and of what I asking for is achievable in Shotcut…

Appreciate some help or suggestion please.

@sauron once did something like you describe.
Try searching his posts, hopefully it will pop up.

A idea is using chromakey on transition … maybe help us

It’s here: To boldly go

Thanks Paul,

Nice … did a shot clip on this.
Basically Fade In/Fade Out + Old Film:Grain+glow+color

@seemon, you forgot to set the fade in/out to transparent. Thats why a person and the chest appears black at the beginning and the end.

Thanks @DvS . I didn’t know that feature. Now it looks more professional ha ha !!

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