Making a movie from Single Pictures

Hi there guys.

I want to use single pictures (which form an animation) in to a saved movie… But I cant find out how to do it.

I am sure its just a simple thing, but If someone can point me in the right direction ASAP it would be great!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Does this video tutorial answer your question?

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Assuming they are numbered correctly:

  1. Open the first image in the Source player
  2. Open Properties
  3. Click the Image sequence checkbox
  4. Adjust the speed using a combination of Settings > Video Mode and the Repeat field in Properties
  5. Add the clip to Playlist or Timeline (or Save it as a Clip-only project or Export it)

Ah… Ok… thanks for the info DRM and Shortcut… Yes I messed around a bit and it worked a treat. :slight_smile:

Heres a single pic from one of the animations… Shortcut held it together well, and exporting was SO simple.

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