Make Video Preview

Is it possible to make a video preview image using Shotcut? Similar to the ones you see online, with the filename the size and duration at the top and a grid of images showing frames from the video? I didn’t know where else to ask this since Shotcut is my go-to video editor. Here’s an example of what I mean.


You need filters:
//Cut To Size (I only know hte german word: “Zuschneiden”)// : Is not really necessary
Rotate/Scale or Pos/Size
//(in that order of appereance)//

Difficult should be the amount of items (previews)…
There, I think, you will have to do it step by step. E.g. the first 4, 5 previews and then exporting it (codec at 100%). Import the export, next 4, 5 previews a.s.o…
(The previews should be short mp4 files…)


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