make the black background transparent

Hi guys,

I would like to make a speed animation with a black background transparent so that I can integrate it in the background on my main video
I didn’t find the option…
I played with the alpha channel but without success

A little help ?

You need to export with an alpha preset.

Dit it but the backround of the video is still black

Try out the simple croma key filter using the pincette!

I made a simple project to show how I got it to work.
test alpha.mlt (2.3 KB)

Here is the “test alpha” video that you can download and try for yourself.

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How do you know it is black? You cannot directly see an alpha channel. A transparent background is not a gray checkboard pattern in case that is what you expect. That is simply one way some programs visualize this. In order to see an alpha channel in Shotcut you must use the Alpha Channel: View video filter to visualize it.

So I export using alpha preset VP9 but the background is still black.

Alpha Channel: View, I can see my background black or red or white using preset but didn’t change the transparancy

Tried alex007 technic and it works fine using pincette with black color

Alternatively if you want to more famous format like mp4, you can use. It does render alpha channel in mp4. With some major problems.

However, blender is highly unstable for video editing, and I would not recommend it any point. On top of that, you need a high spec pc. If you just urgently want an alpha channel with mp4 too, it is helpful.