Make outside circles in the object during the video


I need to circle some objects during a video like a pen … like the photo:

Like circle in red …

thanks in advance !

My only suggestion would be an image file with the circle, with a transparent background, this can be overlaid as needed using the size,position rotate filter.

Example in use:


I just uploaded a short animated handwritten pencil circle if you’d like to use that. Instructions in the youTube description:


Like the animation.
Will probably steal it :wink:
Spotted on Facebook someone has created speech bubbles.

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Thanks, you can nick it with pleasure !

I made it myself using time-lapse images.

Anyone can make their own … here’s how I did it:

  1. Drew a large (A4) pencil circle on paper
  2. Scanned the A4 image and saved it as a .jpg (Black circle, white background)
  3. Imported into Shotcut onto V2, resized to fill screen
  4. Inverted the colours (to white on black), chromakeyed out the black
  5. Black colour clip on V1
  6. Exported as a frame.

Then, in GIMP,

  1. Imported the image, selected the white pencil circle (Select by Color Tool)
  2. Added a black layer
  3. With the Erase tool, erase just a bit of the black layer so the white shows through
  4. Exported as 001.png

Repeted steps 3 and 4, erasing just a bit more each time, saving each one incrementally.
I did this 33 times!!
(I sped the process up with a simple Auto HotKey script)…

I ended up with a folder of 33 png images…

Then open Shotcut, imported the first image, selected “image sequence” in properties.
The sequence is imported as a sequence.
Applied a Colour Grading filter and changed the pencil circle red…
Exported as an Mp4.

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I was wondering, given the circular shape, whether it could be done using a clock transition?

I will have a play later.

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Now that could be an easier way! Good thinking …

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It sort of works, but the clock starts at 12 and your circle cannot overlap.


That’s the problem I thought of. It would be a good technique for animating a perfect circle though. Maybe also a square or rectangle. Will try it out sometime.

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