Make markers visible in final video?

I have a number of clips, each of them with a good number of markers. For context, these are dance videos, and the markers pinpoint when a given move appears.

My goal is to extract subclips and organize them into a video, in which I want the markers to be somehow visible. I can think of 2 ways to do that:

  • Could be an overlay that appears for a few frames at each marker.
  • Even better would be a progress bar in which the markers are visible.

Is this doable in Shotcut more-or-less automatically, without having to manually put an overlay on each marker or create those progress bar markers manually?
Or, is there any better way to do this?

No, rather something like this: see the progress “bar” at the bottom with all its markers
(it’s a screenshot of Davinci Resolve’s media previewer. Alas, DR doesn’t seem to have any way to burn in to the final video anything like this.)

Thank you for the idea, but I already have the markers; creating them with hotkeys is very convenient while analyzing the video, and having different types of markers for different moves is also extremely useful.
So I was hoping for a way to apply something to those existing markers.

I do not want to redo the job of going through the videos and changing the markers one by one; plus, if I had to do that, I could do it in DR.
Neither would it be practical to do this copy-pasting of overlays while analyzing a new video.

Do you want the video image itself to have some kind of chapter designation, or do you want some players to display a “chapter” in the timeline like in a blu-ray disc image? If you are interested in a video image, just draw a small plate with the title of the chapter in the form of a track with small text and stretch it to the desired size. If you want like a blu-ray disc, then shotcut can’t do that, as far as I know, you need to use some other software here.

Sorry, I don’t see how this relates to my question?

You asked about markers, I answered your question exactly as I understood it.

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