Make it possible to cut stabilized clips


I’m working on a film that needs stabilization. And I’ve to admit that after some years of staying far from Shotcut my favorite video editor wasn’t doing a great job in this particular case.

I’ve 2 videos sources (2 cams) and I’m doing a video that uses those 2 sources

  • wide angle shot, with tripod, super stable but too far sometimes
  • close shot, filmed with zoom by hand by someone that forgot that tripod has been invented :frowning:

I’m trying to find the less “catastrophic” moments on the second cam clip so I can then remove trash moments (cut the clip) and adjust to match music.

So to do this I really need to stabilize before cutting, as I need to see the stabilized result to be able to decide at what points I can cut my stab video.

As you know, for now (or I really missed something here) when a stabilized clip is cutted, it looses all stabilization information (as explained here).
Would it be hard to code the cut of stabilization data ? As I’m not an expert on it, I’ve the feeling that it wouldn’t be too hard as I imagine stab data being a big array of transformation matrix (that defines translation, rotation and zoom), and cutting this array at a certain timecode shouldn’t be too complex.
Of course I’m aware that if a Shotcut dev reads this he probably would wants to insult me and the task is way more complex !

For your problem You can only export the stabilized version ad use it as new clip input. Of course a small data loss of quality is expected, so the stabilized clip should be exported with default settings and no resize.


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Of course; I could. But this is not a solution, but a workaround. Quality is essential on this project; and I would need a lot amount of free disk space, that I do not have actually.

Exporting with the DNxHR HQ preset is visually lossless and nowhere near the file size of lossless codecs. Not a perfect solution, I know. But it’s far more manageable than lossless.

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Thanks for the hint; this is good to know !
Unfortunately since I posted here, I cut my files that needs stab, and pasted pieces everywhere in my project. For now I’m going this way, far from perfection but OK.
I could of course export with the codec you propose, and manually edit the project file and do text replacements to use my stabilized file.
Anyway, thanks for the hint