Make it easy to add 0.5 or 1 second transition on timeline

Hi, i think with Win11 and the mandatory registration its time to leave windows completely … I would love to use shotcut instead Magix Video Deluxe which works only in windows but i am still missing the feature: Make it easy to add 0.5 or 1 second transition on timeline, which is since many years on the roadmap … In every new shotcut version there are more or better filters and effects but this very helpful function is still on the roadmap.

The workflow should be:

  • Select all clips
  • choose transition / 1s
  • send it to the timelime
  • start export

In Video deluxe i send all clips to the timeline, choose the transition between the first two clips and choose “Apply to all clips” and export it.

The much slower export from shotcut on linux is ok, I would rather spend my money on a powerful machine and donations on a project than on licenses.

Is there a chance to see this feature ?

Thank you for your work.


That is not what the road map item is about, and you can already do something very similar to the above using the Slideshow Generator:

The key point (see last bullet on the list) is to set the clip duration to something extremely high. It works on videos too, and does not make the clip longer than its source duration. The clip duration acts more like a duration limiter.

Thank you so much for this answer, i will try it, this seems to be the solution for me.

FYI the road map item is about add an action to the context menu of a timeline clip when you right click and corresponding keyboard shortcut.

I have a very similar use-case to the OP:

  • Multiple/a lot of hour-long clips that need to be cut down into little pieces only containing the things I want
  • I do my cutting on the timeline which results in ~50-200 or more clips on the timeline
  • I want to have the same transition between every clip except the last one, and right now the fastest way I know of would be to:
  1. Create the transition for the 1. clip
  2. Copy that transition
  3. Manually move to each clip and paste that transition
  4. Repeat until done

and that use-case can be fulfilled far better if I can just apply a set of transitions to every clip/to every clip I have selected.

Hmm … I tried an alternative workflow to get what p1881 is asking for, and it almost worked - almost, but not quite. I put clips in the playlist. I selected each clip and used the I (in) and O (out) commands to set start and stop points to include just the pieces I want. Then I selected everything in the playlist and used the Slideshow Generator with a long clip duration.

The Generator correctly transferred the clips to the timeline, set to the selected start (in) point, with the selected transition in-between. Unfortunately, the Generator ignored the out point - it pulled in the clip from the in-point until the end of the clip.

I’m guessing part of what is going on here is the “clip duration” setting - it has to be high to accommodate whatever length of clip may be included, but I’m thinking in the process it is overriding the “out” setting. That makes sense in the context of still pictures - if you ask the Generator for 10 seconds per picture, you want to override whatever the default length is as it is put in the play clip.

Would it be possible to tweak the behavior of the Generator such that if an Out point is set, it takes precedence over the Clip Duration setting? And can that be done without interfering with the desired behavior for still images?