Make any MP4 Video VR capable

Hello Shotcut friends!

I am looking to see if there is a particular / efficient way to taking 1 single 2D mp4 video, and turning it into something for a VR headset. I see video converter programs that allow usage to do this, but they want over priced monthly / yearly subscriptions and I’m not for that.
Example of similar program here: How to Convert Video to VR Format with VR Video Converter - YouTube

I Personally would rather use Shotcut for exporting these kinds of tasks, but I want to hear it from someone who has done something like this before.

Thank you,

I don’t know how that app creates a 3D effect from a 2D video (I guess it randomly bets on some contrasty or dark/light edges using some secret algorithm) but if all you’re looking to do is play it back in a VR headset you can just duplicate the video and store it side by side on 2 tracks (use the size&position filter to fit them left/right + change video aspect ratio so it’s double horizontally).

But I assume that’s not what you want as it would still be a boring video which you can simply watch on a bigger screen.
As far as I know, unless the original video is shot in 3D using 2 cameras, everything else is just gimmick.

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