Make a video of his screen

With Shotcut can we make a video of his screen?
If yes, how ?
thank you

I assume you mean screen capture? It was featured but support and development for it is currently halted due to poor functionality. The new versions do not support it but if you download an older version you can try it through File>Open Other>SDI/HDMI or DirectShow. But this isn’t ideal, so I would recommend using another program for screen capture.

OK, thank you for you message.

I seldom do that, but I already tried CamStudio which is free, open source and seemed to work well. You can import your captures into Shotcut.

If you use Windows 10 you can use the XBOX recording tool (Windows Key + G)
If you have an NVIDIA graphic chip you can use Shadow play
If you like to have more control on your recording you can use OSB Studio (Windows, IOS and Linux)

AMD Relive (enabled desktop record in Radeon Settings > ReLive > Global) Ctrl + Z to show menu
NVIDIA ShadowPlay (Ctrl + Z to show menu)
and OBS Studio will let you record screen